In any sales-centric organization, it's always vital for managers to have real-time visibility into the status of current and recently closed deals, as well as a convenient view of the firm's progress toward its sales goals. Viper provides multiple tools for both users and managers to quickly access organized data for business intelligence.

All Programs

The All Programs report lets Viper users and their managers browse, filter, and sort programs according to whatever criteria they desire. Individual users can be restricted to seeing only programs from their home office, while managers may view programs from across the organization.

Want to see all $100K+ programs that Bill Jones worked on between April and June that are currently operating? No problem!

HQ Reports

The HQ report is designed for top managers to be able to get an up-to-the-minute snapshot of the entire organization's progress toward goals:

HQ Goals
Set your yearly goals, then watch as your pipeline fills. Charts and graphs help you visualize whether you're on pace to reach your goal.
HQ Performance
Break down performance by salesperson or office, and get a quick snapshot of the top opportunities and programs.

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