New Features!

We recently added even more features to Viper. Learn more about them here.

Viper Overview

The Viper platform is composed of seven components or modules. Each is used by different people in your organization, and each plays an important role in making your business more efficient and profitable. All features are accessed through a single web portal that we set up and maintain for you.

Component Who's it for? Description Standard/Optional
CRM Sales: Lead cultivation Customer Relationship Management. Lead and customer tracking. Standard
Tariff/Database Database Managers Content Management System for authoring and managing articles and products. Standard
Proposals Sales: Proposal Creation Tools to create custom, media-rich proposals in just minutes. Standard
Vendors Operations Manage vendor database with contacts, notes, and insurance documents. Standard
Operations Operations Create operations costings and daily event orders for products in your tariff. Standard
Reports Managers Tables, charts, graphs to keep track of sales activity and progress toward goals. Standard
eventRFP Sales: Lead generation An RFP management tool for meeting planners that drives leads for DMCs. Optional


Viper automates many parts of the sales and operations workflow. In addition, every thing you do in Viper is captured and backed up regularly on our secure servers. This means all your client data, program history, tariff content, and reports are never lost, even with a departing employee.

A handful of Viper's features:

  • Manage contacts and accounts
  • Cultivate leads
  • Manage and organize all your tariff content
  • Build proposals quickly and easily through a "drag and drop" process
  • View costings as they are automatically built in parallel with proposals
  • Deliver media-rich proposals to clients through your custom branded web portal
  • Manipulate costings via a streamlined interface
  • Track communication with vendors
  • Download proposals and costings in various formats (Word, Excel)
  • Streamline the operations phase of programs
  • Custom reporting for salespersons and managers


The Viper workflow is rigid enough to keep you organized, yet flexible enough to allow you to work in a way that best suits your business. It's easy to see what each employee is working on at any given point and track the progress of programs. As you know, creating, delivering and operating programs is a complex process — let Viper be your guide.

A brief walk-through of Viper's workflow:

  • Enter initial lead information into the CRM
  • Convert lead to a viable business opportunity
  • Assign the opportunity to a salesperson from the dashboard
  • Create a web-based, interactive proposal
  • Review the automatically generated costing
  • Adjust costing as needed
  • Publish proposal and costing to client portal with a single click
  • Deliver automatically generated custom contract
  • Put program into "operations mode"
  • Create resume and daily event orders
  • Coordinate with vendors using the integrated vendor database
  • Execute the program and wow your client
  • Follow up with client using correspondence and program information saved in the CRM