Current users have reaped three immediate benefits after deploying Viper:

Save $100,000 or more in your first year by growing smarter instead of larger.

As a decision maker, how often have you thought, "we can do more work, but how far will our current human resources go?" or "I'd like to do more business, but I'll have to hire more people to do more business." And when it can take six months or more to train up a salesperson with no gurantee that they'll work out, you're right to be hesitant about staffing up.

That's where Viper comes in: it makes your current staff more productive.

$100,000 can easily be spent hiring an additional 2 or 3 personnel over the course of a year, but the extra staff is unnecessary if you've got Viper. On the flip side, win more business by using Viper to deliver better proposals, faster and you could bring in an additional $100,000.